Great Big Income

*** If you are not willing to give yourself at least 6 months to find the success you are looking for online, you will be joining new programs and failing at them all for the rest of your life. See COLD, HARD FACTS***

If you want to create a lasting online business that will allow you to quit your day job and stay home with the family, go on vacation, buy that new car or whatever an online income holds in store for you…

  • You will have to work
  • There will be a financial investment
  • You have to stick around long enough for your efforts to kick in

Here at Great Big Income we offer you all the information you need to build an awesome online business and we don’t charge a dime. Think about that for a bit before you go on your mystical search.

If you still believe there is a magic button that will instantly send checks to your mail box, there is a magic link to delete your account below.

Before you go though, keep in mind that all those people who are promising to tell you how you can make money online with no effort or investment are actually selling you that information. That is an investment, is it not? So, right there, they lied to you.

You are going to be joining several programs here at Great Big Income (GBI). There is a certain order for you to join so you will be able to take advantage of limited trials on some of the programs. If you join them out of order you will be wasting free trial time because you are not ready to use that program yet.

We have provided you with a daily task list which will guide you everyday for 9 weeks. Once 9 weeks have passed you should have the system down and be able to proceed with no additional instructions from us. If not, repeat the last week or two over and over again.

A lot of what you will be doing to build your Great Big Income will be the same stuff everyday. Getting everything set up seems like a lot of work but we have broken it down into day by day, easy steps.

Once you get past all the set up stuff, you will be working a couple hours a day to build your income. If you don’t have time to complete everything that is called for in any given day during the set up process, just save some of it for tomorrow and start where you left off.

Some people will do two or three days in one sitting. Others will take two or three days to complete one days tasks. Most will go day by day at a steady pace. You have to choose the pace that works for you.

It is also important to note that you may need to work in smaller time increments if your schedule will not allow you to take an hour or two off at a time. Just make a note of where you are so you can jump right back in when you get a chance to work on your business again.

Don’t get frustrated if you seem to be falling behind. There is no set time schedule. You need to figure out what works best for you. It never pays to try to rush through the set up process. That is how mistakes are made and you end up redoing a lot of work.

Slow down and do it right the first time. 
Success is a process.

Forming Habits

Building a solid business means doing a lot of the same things over and over again. Forming daily habits so these tasks will become second nature is very important.

This daily task list starts out with Day 1. This day will not have a lot of things to do because you are only in the beginning stages of building your business. Day 2 will repeat day one and add a little more work. Day 3 will repeat day 1 and day 2 plus a little more work. Occasionally you will find that several days in a row are the same tasks. This is to help you form the habit of doing the same tasks daily.

Please be sure you login to Great Big Income everyday. Click on Daily Tasks under Instructions in the menu on the top of the page. Find the day you are working on and do the tasks listed for that day.

If you day does not offer a solid block of spare time to get all the tasks done in one sitting, that’s okay. Do as much as you can do in one sitting and come back as soon as you can to do some more. Try to make a deal with yourself that you will not let a day end without doing your daily tasks.

You business will grow at a nice steady pace if you are taking daily action. If you are a hit and miss kind of business builder, don’t expect to see any fast results. Your income will only become a Great Big Income when you treat your business seriously.

If you owned a store in your town, you would not be able to work once in a while and expect your business to grow. A business online is the same. If you don’t work, your business will die.

Follow the steps below to get everything set up. The work on the tasks for each day as you go along. You are forming good business habits and your days will go by quicker and quicker. Don’t give up. Quitters never win.