My name is Rick Carpenter. I’ve been online for years, using the internet mainly as a hobby, trying to find a legitimate home business that I could believe in. I joined TrafficWave several times, because I could see the value of the compensation plan, but it wasn’t until I joined the TrafficWave Success Team that I knew I had found my perfect program.

I have always known that to make money online all the gurus teach that you must have an autoresponder and a list of people to email every day. I don’t want to email people every day, trying to sell them the latest product. I only want one product that works, which from now on will be the Traffic Wave Success Team.

By joining the Traffic Wave Success Team you will learn how to Enroll 10+ New TrafficWave Members in A Month, and how to
Start Creating Your 5 Figure Income Starting Today!

I have joined other programs which have TrafficWave in the downline builder but they just did not do the work. I knew that I needed to join a team to try to build my TrafficWave team but I did not like the model where you need to send a certain amount of hits to the team rotator (My time spent on earning credits are used for promoting other people’s business), you are guaranteed X amount of paid members (I have to wait for a long time and it will be
impossible to finally reach your turn to receive paid members. This is a recipe for failures as many new members will quit as they will wait for months to years before they can finally see some results).

However, I came across TrafficWave Success Team and I love it because the above elements are not there. It is created by Tsunehiro who hails from Japan, and a very helpful and friendly guy too!

My sponsor in TrafficWave Success Team was very responsive to my mails and queries too! This led me to join this team. After you have joined this team, Tsunehiro will help you to set up your whole marketing funnel (e.g. your landing pages, your autoresponder, and your follow up letters). He will also provide you with his Enrollment System where he shares how he became TrafficWave’s top 7th earner! There are a few more important tips which he shares too
like creating your own pages!

Once your system is set up, you just need to send traffic to your landing page and let the system build you your TrafficWave downlines. I was amazed by the results I was obtaining.

Secret Recipe to Success

There are many members using the TrafficWave Success Team system but everyone has different results. Everyone has their own marketing strategy but I will share with you what I did so that you will be able to replicate this success.

• Be Consistent

You will need to be discipline. You need to advertise your landing page everyday. EVERYDAY.

• Focus

I was promoting only ONE program – TrafficWave Success Team. When you are just starting out, your advertising power is rather limited. Focus only on ONE program. Do not dilute your promotional efforts.

• Persevere

Even if I did not get any active TrafficWave referrals in the first week, I continued promoting. The main reason is this : you need to let the system work its magic. Your subscribers will receive your follow up. They need multiple exposures to actually respond to your letters. Giving up too fast, making your TrafficWave account inactive in a short period will really make you lose potential businesses. There are many instances where people will only take action after a few weeks or even months. When they are ready to take action, you must still be around.

• Constant follow up

Besides the regular letters that your subscribers will receive, I was also sending additional broadcasts to them, sending them information which will help them, to my blogposts etc.
The more you build your relationship with them, the more they will join your opportunity.

• Answer your subscribers email

When your subscribers ask you anything, try your best to answer them. Even if you cannot provide a solution, go out of your way to find the answer. Search it on the net, ask your own sponsors etc. When you help them and provide as much value as you are able to, they will start to trust you and join you in your business.

• Be unique

Besides using the landing pages created by Tsunehiro, I have created my own squeeze pages. This is one of the many landing pages I tested myself. The landing page which I subscribed to which belongs to my sponsor was an unique one too!

• Share your own personal tools with your subscribers

My squeeze pages have garnered some attention and my members are asking me to share it with them. When they ask for it, I would just give it to them. My success depends largely on their success and if they manage to build huge downlines in TrafficWave, I will benefit in the long run too! So do not be stingy, share with your downlines whatever is working for you.