Guaranteed Income

Would you like to find a program that can give you a guaranteed income?

There are lots of different ways to make money online. There are lots of legitimate programs and a lot of scams. Most people who try to make money online never make any.

To succeed in network marketing you need to have the success mindset (just a decision to keep going until you succeed), and the right business attitude (help yourself and others at the same level), and at the Travel Wave business, your work will help yourself and your downline at the same time.

The average lawyer makes $70,000 per year after 7 years of university education.

The average doctor makes $96,000 per year after 10 years of university education.

You can make a similar income in a year or less with the Traffic Wave Success System.

Starting today you can begin creating a 5 figure income with the Traffic Wave Success Team.

It is no longer only a dream to enroll 10 or more Traffic Wave members in a month.

What is Traffic Wave and why should I want to be a part of it?

To build a list, you need a tool known as an AUTORESPONDER!

There are many autoresponders out there, even free ones. However, I will advise against using free ones as there will be embedded ads/limits on building your list etc.

What you should do is to invest in an autoresponder and I will recommend…


Why Choose TrafficWave?

There are a lot of other paid autoresponders out there but I recommend

TrafficWave because of a few reasons:

1. It is a well established company with many satisfied members.

2. Its email deliverability rate is one of the best in the industry (The

main reason is because it utilizes double opt-in process)

3. It has been around for more than 10 years with very minimal


4. It charges a monthly one flat fee of $17.95 no matter how big your list grows. (This will reduce your cost significantly in the long run. Try to search for other autoresponders and you will find that this is the best valued autoresponder out there)

5. There are many training videos to teach you how to use the

TrafficWave autoresponder.

6. The compensation plan is one of the best out there!

Should You Promote TrafficWave?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Why should you promote it?

1. Provides value – Every online business needs to build a list and they will need TrafficWave. It will only cost $17.95 a month, less than $0.60 a day. This will be the most budget professional autoresponder tool they will be able to find.

2. Recurring commissions – this tool is a tool which every online marketer needs and once they have a list, they will continue to pay for this service month after month. This means that you will have recurring commissions. Do work once, be rewarded for life.

3. Leverage – TrafficWave has 3 ways of earning commissions. The first would be the Fast Track Bonus, earning you 100% commissions on each new sale. However, the leverage will be on the 2nd & 3rd method. The 2nd being you can build a 3 x 10 matrix and earn from it month after month. The 3rd method is via matching bonuses once youreach the Tidalwave or Tsunami level!

To further understand the compensation plan, watch this video prepared by Brian Rooney : The Power of One.

Building a business around TrafficWave is a smart thing to do. However, as illustrated in the video, it is possible for you to build a 5 figure income in less than a year, but this business needs time to grow. However, once it starts growing, it will grow exponentially!

All you need is:




Resist the urge to hop from one program to another program unless it can build your TrafficWave business too!

Do you know the most effective way to build a TrafficWave downline?

Understanding The Numbers

In any business, you need to understand the numbers. Only then will you able to set a target of what you want to achieve with your business.

TrafficWave is our business. Let us talk about numbers and I will try to make it as simple as possible. Below are the 3 methods you will be paid with Trafficwave

1. 100% Fast Track Bonuses

With every new sale you make, you will earn $17.95. As long as you make 1 new sale in a month, your TrafficWave membership is actually covered for and additional sales you make in that month translates to profits!

2. 3 x 10 Matrix (The $4000 A Month Formula)

Trafficwave utilizes a 3 x 10 matrix. This means that level 1 will have 3 downlines, level 2 will have 9 downlines, level 3 will have 27 downlines, level 4 will have 81 downlines and so on. The number on each levels will be a multiplied by 3.

Members who do not actively sponsor new members will only have 3 levels unlocked.

Members who personally sponsored 5 paid TrafficWave members at anytime will unlock the matrix level up to level 5. (Tidalwave level)

Members who personally sponsored 10 paid TrafficWave members at anytime will unlock the matrix level up to level 10. (Tsunami level)

For each downline in level 1, you will earn $6 in residual commissions.

Basically, when you have 3 active downlines in level 1, you will have $18 a month and your autoresponder fee will be paid for, even if you do not sponsor a new member for the month! So it is important to fill up level 1 with active members as soon as possible!

Subsequently, no matter what level your downlines in from level 2 to level 10, each active downline will earn you $1 in residual income. These downlines can be from your personal referrals who brought in new TrafficWave members too!

3. Leadership Bonus

Leadership bonuses will only be available to Tidalwave level (when you have personally sponsored 5 paid TrafficWave referrals) or Tsunami level (when you have personally sponsored 10 paid TrafficWave referrals). The other pre-requisite to qualify for this bonus is this, you need to sponsor at least 1 paid TrafficWave referral for that particular month as well as the previous month even if you are already in TidalWave or Tsunami level.

Having the above rule will ensure that members are constantly promoting TrafficWave to build downlines.

TidalWave level will earn 25% matching bonuses and Tsunami level will earn 50% matching bonuses.

Let us take an example where you have 10 personally referred TrafficWave members. Each of them have their level 1 filled up by themselves. They are earning $18 each.

The total earnings of your referrals will be $180.

If you are in the TidalWave level and you qualify for the leadership bonus, you will be earning $45 matching bonus and for the Tsunami level, $90 matching bonus!

Remember this, the commissions you earn from the matrix and leadership bonus are leveraged from the efforts of your referrals!

Another thing to take note is this – viral growth can only be achieved with time. In the example above, the calculation is based on the time frame of 12 months (1 year).

If you are unable to appreciate and understand the beauty of this compensation plan, it is easy to feel discouraged during the early days you get involved with this business.

However, I want you to remember this. To build a sustainable business, online or offline, you will need time. You need to stick with the business model laid out for you. The good thing about TrafficWave is this, you only need 1 sale a month and the cost of your autoresponder is basically covered. You will be able to leverage the efforts of your referrals to create residual income which can help you replace your day job.

The income is recurrent. I am confident that you will not find any matrix based program such as TrafficWave.

Most matrix based programs do not have an evergreen products worth promoting. If your business is not based around a good product, it will fail.

That is the reason why matrix based program comes and go in a flash!

Introducing TrafficWave Success Team

Building an email list is the way to go but if you do not know how to set up a landing

page and write effective follow up letters, most likely, your marketing campaigns will

not suceed.

TrafficWave is a good product to promote because it provides value to your

customers while earning you residual income.

However, building a TrafficWave business is not as easy as it sounds. I have joined a few programs such as TE Profits which integrates seamlessly with TrafficWave in its promotions but I did not really see results when it comes to building a TrafficWave business. However, it is a really good program to join if you want to know how to effectively use traffic exchanges.

I have joined other programs which has TrafficWave in the downline builder but it just did not do the work.

I know I have to join a team to try to build my TrafficWave team but I did not like the model where you need to send a certain amount of hits to the team rotator (My time spent on earning credits are used for promoting other people’s business), you are guaranteed X amount of paid members (I have to wait for a long time and it will be impossible to finally reach your turn to receive paid members. This is a recipe for failures as many new members will quit as they will wait for months to years before they can finally see some results).

However, I came across TrafficWave Success Team and I love it because the above elements are not there. It is created by Tsunehiro who hails from Japan, and a very helpful and friendly guy too!

My sponsor in TrafficWave Success Team was very responsive to my mails and queries too! This led me to join this team.

After you have joined this team, Tsunehiro will help you to set up your whole marketing funnel (e.g. your landing pages, your autoresponder, and your follow up letters). He will also provide you with his Enrollment System where he shares how he became TrafficWave’s top 7th earner! There are a few more important tips which he shares too like creating your own pages!

Once your system is set up, you just need to send traffic to your landing page and let the system build you your TrafficWave downlines. I was amazed by the results I was obtaining and you can find out more about it later.

Why Is TrafficWave Team Build Effective?

Most downline builders or training sites do not work well with building TrafficWave downlines.

The main reason is this: it is always not a necessity to join TrafficWave or any autoresponder to fully utilise the downline builders or training sites. Most referrals will just leave it empty.

Some site owners will just want their members to promote their site because it will help build them their list.

However, I am here to tell you this:


By building your own list, only then will you be able to say that you are building your own online business.

In most instances, if you want to join a TrafficWave Team and utilize the tools provided, you will need to create a new TrafficWave account even if you have a pre-existing account. (This is allowed in TrafficWave – You are only not allowed toregister a new account under your own existing account)

This is the secret to the success of TrafficWave teams. You will only gain access to the system and tools if you create a new account under this team. It does not matter who you join as long as you joined someone from this team (This is due to the 3 x 10 matrix compensation plan where your uplines will benefit as long as you are in the team)

TrafficWave Success Team is the first TrafficWave Team that I have joined and I am thankful that I did that because of the results I have obtained.

Secret Recipe to Success

There are many members using the TrafficWave Success Team system but everyone has different results. Everyone has their own marketing strategy but I will share with you what I did so that you will be able to replicate this success.

Be Consistent

You will need to be discipline. You need to advertise your landing page everyday.



I was promoting only ONE program – TrafficWave Success Team. When you are just starting out, your advertising power is rather limited. Focus only on ONE program.

Do not dilute your promotional efforts.


Even if I did not get any active TrafficWave referrals in the first week, I continued promoting. The main reason is this : you need to let the system work its magic. Your subscribers will receive your follow up. They need multiple exposures to actually respond to your letters.

Giving up too fast, making your TrafficWave account inactive in a short period will really make you lose potential businesses. There are many instances where people will only take action after a few weeks or even months. When they are ready to take action, you must still be around.

Constant follow up

Besides the regular letters that your subscribers will receive, I was also sending additional broadcasts to them, sending them information which will help them, to my blogposts etc.

The more you build your relationship with them, the more they will join your opportunity.

Answer your subscribers email

When your subscribers ask you anything, try your best to answer them. Even if you cannot provide a solution, go out of your way to find the answer. Search it on the net, ask your own sponsors etc. When you help them and provide as much value as you are able to, they will start to trust you and join you in your business

Be unique

Besides using the landing pages created by Tsunehiro, I have created my own squeeze pages. This is one of the many landing pages I tested myself. The landing page which I subscribed to which belongs to my sponsor was an unique one too!

Share your own personal tools with your subscribers

My squeeze pages have garnered some attention and my members are asking me to share it with them. When they ask for it, I would just give it to them. My success depends largely on their success and if they manage to build huge downlines in TrafficWave, I will benefit in the long run too! So do not be stingy, share with your downlines whatever is working for you.

Action Steps

1. Join TrafficWave through the link below and take the upgrade.

Contact me at if you need help with your first month upgrade.

2. Send these necessary details to Tsunehiro at to get your system set up



TrafficWave Username:

TrafficWave Password:

TrafficWave sponsor: truthseekers(Richard Carpenter)

3. Wait for a day or two while Tsunehiro helps you to set up your system.

4. Once you get your landing page, set up your url in the Hands Free

Traffic Sources

5. Start promoting with the free advertising sites. I spend 1 to 2 hours a day to earn credits and send mails via these sites.

6. If you have the budget, try the advertising at “Take it Up A Notch”. If not, save this part for later when your residual income grows or when you have a few fast track bonuses!

7. Send broadcast to your fellow subscribers, build a relationship with them, and teach them how to build huge downlines with TrafficWave. When they are able to build huge downlines too, your residual income will grow exponentially!

Thank you so much for downloading and reading the short report.

I hope that you have benefited from it and you will take action.

You do not need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great.”

Another way to go with Traffic Wave is by paying it forward with the Matrix Buster.

Matrix Buster Overview

Matrix Buster is a powerful marketing approach for Affiliates to launch their income to new levels.

The Matrix Buster system is an aggressive method for building your business quickly.

The use of the Matrix Buster program requires a one-time (free) registration to let your team members (upline and downline) know that you are participating.

Please read the Overview (below) and use the form at the bottom of the page to register.

The Matrix Buster system is an aggressive method for building your business quickly.

Using the Matrix Buster system means stepping up to the plate in a big way and building your organization quickly with paying and productive team members that have specifically requested to team up with you.

The key to success with the Matrix Buster system is to use a little “trick of the trade” with the compensation plan to get you in profits faster than usual.

In a nutshell, you agree to pay for the first month’s upgrade for your new referrals.


Because of our 100% Fast Track Bonus, you receive all of that upgrade money back as a Fast Track Bonus. So by spending $17.95 to upgrade your new referral, you get $17.95 in the form of your Fast Track Bonus.

The deal you make with your new referral is that they will do the same. When they upgrade their own referrals, not only do they get the Fast Track Bonus on those referrals, but your organization begins to grow VERY quickly as more team members get involved.

At first glance, it looks like you’re just trading. But you are really building a massive team of paid Affiliates and that means you will be quickly earning a very large (and quickly growing) monthly income as your new referrals begin to duplicate this system of growth.


Let’s look at how the Compensation Plan pays:

FAST TRACK BONUSES: Every time you personally refer a new Active sale, pays you a 100% Fast Track Bonus.

This is why you can pay $17.95 to sponsor a new member. This money comes back to you as a Fast Track Bonus.

MONTHLY RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS: Starting in the second month, you get paid $6 for each of the three people on your first level.

This means you are actually in profit from this point forward.

Because of the way Matrix Buster helps qualify you for the highest levels in the comp plan, you will be earning $1 on every other Active sale in your organization.

Level 1 holds 3 people and pays $18.00 (this covers your subscription)

Level 2 holds 9 people so that’s another $9.00

Level 3 holds 27 people so that’s another $27.00

Level 4 holds 81 people so that’s another $81.00

Level 5 holds 243 people so that’s another $243.00

Level 6 holds 729 people so that’s another $729.00

Level 7 holds 2,187 people so that’s another $2,187.00

Level 8 holds 6,562 people so that’s another $6,562.00

Level 9 holds 19,683 people so that’s another $19,683.00

Level 10 holds 59,409 people so that’s another $59,409.00

LEADERSHIP BONUSES: Because you will be constantly referring new people each month, you will also be qualifying for the Leadership Bonus which comes to 50% of the Regular Commissions being earned by those you personally refer as a Tsunami.

And because of the way this system works, your personally referred Affiliates will be earning very nice incomes!

As an example, if one of your personally referred Affiliates is earning $1,000 in Regular Commissions for the month, you will be earning $500 in Leadership Bonuses! 10 of your personally referred Affiliates each earning $1,000 means another $5,000 for you in commissions for that month!

So there you have it:

Fast Track Bonuses get your initial money back to you.

Regular Commissions put profits in your pockets.

Leadership Bonuses put INSANE profits in your pockets!

Go here to check out the affiliate plan:

Want more information about Traffic Wave, go here:

Want more information about the Matrix Buster, go here:

Are you ready to start your five figure income with Traffic Wave Success Team? You need to be a paying member. Sign up here:

If you want to join by using the Matrix Buster, join for free by going here and then register for the matrix buster

And then I will pay your first month. Any questions, write me at:

Rick Carpenter

I will help you in any way that I can. You need to be successful for me to be successful.

Guaranteed income with Traffic Wave doesn’t mean that when you sign up you will automatically make money any more than you will become a doctor or lawyer without investing time and money.

Traffic Wave can make you rich, but you need to work at it. Joining the Traffic Wave Success Team will give you all the tools you need, but you will have to use them. Everyone who wants to make money online needs an autoresponder, so Traffic Wave isn’t going away like so many new businesses you might be sucked into joining.

Once you sign up with the Traffic Wave Success Team you will get the places to advertise, and also the advertisements to use. You will need to start advertising on a consistent basis to get the guaranteed income. With the Matrix Buster, you can speed up your income by paying people to join.

Once you understand the pay plan, you will realize that you need to get your sign ups to do everything you do. I’m giving this report away to anyone who wants to make money. Whoever signs up under me, not only will I pay your first month through the Matrix Buster, but I will give you this report so you can give it away with your links in it.