My Weekly Checks

Have You Ever Wanted To Fire Your Boss?

If I had a job I would want to fire my boss, but I live on Social Security, so I have been looking for a way to replace it when the system goes bankrupt. Are you looking for a way to pay off debts, or pay for medical bills?

I have found the way to do all of that.

It is called My Weekly Checks, which you can sign up for free by going to the following link:

My Weekly Checks

Q. What does My Weekly Checks sell?

A. Think of My Weekly Checks as a tour guide to help your visitors connect with what we have found to be the most lucrative income streams online. You actually cannot purchase anything directly from the My Weekly Checks website… so in essence, My Weekly Checks doesn’t SELL anything. In fact, within the first steps of this system, we are simply helping a well known motor club connect with more customers. We help these customers try the companies products, and / or services, and in return the motor club pays us a commission for the referral.

Q. How much does the My Weekly Checks cost?

A. Absolutely nothing. My Weekly Checks is 100% FREE for you to use, market and promote. In fact, we have gone above and beyond to NOT ONLY give you a system at zero cost to you, but we also found an incredibly lucrative opportunity for you to promote. In , Step 1 you’ll discover that we are simply working alongside a well respected motor club. This company is willing to let people test their products/service for $39.95 and refer others for commissions. If they decided to keep the product or service then they will be billed monthly $19.95 for that service thereafter. They can cancel at anytime.

Q. Do I have to give out my credit card number?

A. The only time you will need to provide your card details is when you are signing up for the tools in each step or if you decide to purchase something. In reference to Step 1, this motor club is willing to pay us for “real” signups. You get paid whether someone just wants the benefits of the club (as a customer) or if they want the benefits and the income opportunity (as a referral agent).

Do I have to have experience?

A. Absolutely not. Anyone can do this (as long as you live in the USA or Canada for Step 1 and Globally for Step 2 and Step 3). Some of our best case studies are of those that have never marketed online… ever.

Q. When do I get Paid?

A. In Step 1, once you refer someone and they complete the sign up process, you get paid the following the Friday by check or bank wire. In Step 2, you get paid monthly via check. In Step 3, you get paid by Paypal monthly.

Q. How much can I make?

A. How much you make depends entirely on your efforts. This system is designed for minimum effort and maximum return. While some will make no money at all, others are making $100′s if not $1000′s working only a few hrs weekly. See our income disclaimer here. Unlike a traditional J.O.B., there is no limit to the amount of income you can earn within this system.

Q. Can I work from home?

A. Yup. You can work anywhere you desire, as long as you have connection to the internet.

Q. How many hours can I work?

A. You can work as much, or as little as you want. There are no set times or quotas to meet, although we have found that those who put in more effort, see more return. But the great news is – YOU are the boss, so YOU decide when you work.

Q. Is this a SCAM?

A. Absolutely Not… Not even close. In Step 1, we are representing a major motor club. This is not some fly by night business opportunity with the latest and greatest sales pitch. This company has been around since 1926 and is utilizing a part of their advertising budget (for example, the same budget that they use to spend millions in advertising on T.V.) to pay regular people like you and I to spread the word about their products and services. And in Step 2 and Step 3, we have incredibly valuable products for sale, and we sell them – just like every other legitimate business on the planet.

Q. Is Big Commission Blueprint a SCAM?

A. Absolutely Not.

Q. So what exactly is it that you will be doing?

A. What you will be doing is very simple. You will be learning and applying advertising & traffic generation strategies (that we teach you) to get visitors to your free website (that we give to you).

Once people enter their details (name, and email) into your free web site, My Weekly Checks takes over and does all the telling and selling for you, and the autoresponder will follow up with your leads via email.

It really is simple… as long as you don’t over-complicate it.

Just follow the plan, and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Q. What is the MCA Compensation Plan?


My Weekly Checks | Six Figure BluePrint

This comes from my sponsor Anji Long.

Follow this BluePrint to a T and you 100% WILL have success. Don’t get me wrong, this is going to take WORK! But if you’re willing to put in the work you can live a lifestyle many will only dream of…

I speak from experience.

My name is Anji Long and 7 years ago I was $30,000 in credit debt. That is until I found some very simple ways to make money online. I was able to wipe out $30,000 in debt within 90 days of following this plan.

Now I have the freedom to travel the world and work from anywhere, making six figures per year.

I know you can do it too!

So let’s dive in!

I first got started making money online with YouTube, I made several videos per day…

Step 1. Your first assignment (to follow in my footsteps) is to begin creating some videos. Don’t worry you don’t have to be perfectly polished, a professional speaker or anything of the sort.

People want to see real, relatable and everyday people who have simply found a better way.

Video Topics:

  1. Who You Are
  2. How You Want To Change Your Life
  3. Be YOU!
  4. How You Want To Help Others

On Youtube you’re going to build an audience and have people waiting for your next video to be released.

There are millions of people ready and waiting for you to lead them. No need to be camera shy (although I know the feeling, trust me!) Just do it!

You will begin branding yourself and people will feel like they know you from your videos. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Video is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to do that!

The more videos you post, the more people watching equals more sales!

Goal: 2 New Videos Daily!

Training Topics:

  1. How To Post On Craigslist
  2. Back Office Tour
  3. How To Generate Leads
  4. How To Use My Weekly Checks
  5. How To Set Up Your Facebook

Generating traffic is SIMPLE once you are committed to putting out regular content in the form of videos, blogs, articles.

The Sky’s The Limit!

Important: Place your my weekly checks affiliate link, email and facebook link in the description of your videos.

The next thing I’ve committed to doing is building my email list and daily email marketing.

Step 2.  Building Your Email list is so important because it builds the relationship with your leads and shows them you’re a real person.

This is where My Weekly Checks comes into play. You will be using this system to build your list and automatically follow up with your leads on autopilot.

Our “done for you” capture page helps you collect leads and then the pre-written emails go out every single day on your behalf. We help you connect, build rapport and close your leads.

Step 3. Get visitors (aka traffic) to your capture page (Get Weekly Checks affiliate link)

Each person that clicks on your link will have to enter their email and watch your FREE video presentation. Each person that enters their email in will get added to your email list (inside your Aweber account – step 2).

Every single day these leads will be getting personalized emails from you that will turn into sales eventually.

Step 4. Drive Traffic (visitors) by the masses:

Facebook – Go into Facebook Groups and network. Like and comment on people’s posts, inbox them and let them know you saw them in groups and  invite them to add you as a friend. Everyone in this industry loves to network so don’t be shy about this!

Instagram – Link your My Weekly Checks capture page in your bio with a call to action to join Get Weekly Checks for FREE. Post 2-3 photos per day. At least one photo should have a call to action to visit your bio to get started working online. – Submit free press releases about your business for free traffic (visitors) to your site. – Powerful social tool to get free traffic and paid traffic daily

Craigslist – Post 1 ad per day from a phone verified account to avoid flagging and ghosting – Post a daily blog and update it with high quality content

Solo Ads – Look up solo ad testimonials in the Facebook search bar and join the group or participate in our weekly group co-ops. You can order 100 visitors to your site for $65 through Anji or Ben.

Step 5. Your Blogger Account needs to be shared in as many places as you can to generate organic traffic (visitors to your site) and get your blog ranked on Google.

Daily content should be added whether you create it yourself or outsource it on


Blog content can be related to internet marketing, making money online, etc. Your objective is to promote your MCA website and build your list. You can get endless ideas for content from Youtube, Slide Share and Google.


Step 6. Articles will account for a good chunk of your traffic. So be sure to put a lot of focus here.


Article Sites:

You’ll want to have a “resource box” with a link to your MCA website following each article. Most article directories allow you to create and save a resource box which appears automatically following each new article you submit.

Some article sites don’t allow affiliate links so you could link to Facebook or Blogger instead.

Step 7. PDF Files, PowerPoint Presentations are great for free traffic as well. These are document sharing sites. Just like videos and text articles, quality content is king.

Document Sharing Sites:

Here’s a way to outsource this. Use one of your articles and go to Fiverr, pay $5 to get it turned into a document and backlinked (for people to find it). Use This Gig >>

Place your My Weekly Checks referral link in your signature which will appear after all your posts and forum replies. Make sure you’re provided relevant and useful posts or you will get booted.

You can outsource all your content on Fiverr if you have budget or put in a little extra work and do it yourself.

This is a list of skills to dominate internet marketing and get tons of referrals. This is NOT for the lazy. This is for those who are truly ready to improve their financial future.

Skills + Action = Online Success

Take these skills and apply them and you WILL get results. Allow this PDF to just collect dust and you won’t make any money whatsoever.

Remember, get your initial list built up to several hundred subscribers and then one of your main strategies at that point should become a pro at understanding list building and email marketing.

If you have a budget I HIGHLY recommend doing solo ads for paid advertising. But if you’re on a tight budget, these free traffic methods WILL get you to where you need to be.

Just Know: There are only TWO kinds of advertising – free and paid.

Free will take you longer, but it’s FREE! Paid will take much less time to get the same or better results but there’s a price.

If you can use BOTH methods. If not be prepared to spend some TIME with the above free (time-investment) methods. Be patient. Some people succeed quicker than others.

Many people spend 4-5 years in college without pay, why wouldn’t you put the same amount of time and effort into building your online business? The sky is the limit for those who are committed to mastery!

Join My Weekly Checks For Free.

Step 1: You join MCA or Motor Club Of America.

Step 2: You join Aweber (An Autoresponder)

Step 3: You join Big Commission Blueprint

MCA costs $39.90 for the first and last month and the $19.95 a month. The following pdf will show you what you get for your monthly fee.

For everyone you sign up, if you are an affiliate, you will get $80.00. That is a very good deal.

Aweber is an autoresponder that costs $19.95 a month, but you can get a 30 day free trial.

The third step is the Big Commission Blueprint which costs $19.95. You can then sign up for a free affiliate account, or get more and bigger commissions by having a $47 a month affiliate account.

Joining My Weekly Checks gives you the free training to make enough money to fire your boss, but you will have to spend some money in order to make money. Join free and check it out.

Two other opportunities are GDI and TrafficWave Success Team. GDI cost $10 a month and Traffic Wave Success Team is free training, but to be a part of it, you must be a paying member of Traffic Wave, an autoresponder.

Click here for more info on GDI:

Click here for more info on Traffic Wave Success Team:

Thanks for reading my report. I hope it helps you fire your boss.

All the best,

Rick Carpenter