Why You Need A Mentor

What is a mentor?

From the moment of birth, we all are learning every day. For most people our first teachers are our parents. We all need teachers. We become like our teachers. We need the best teachers we can get. It doesn’t matter what the subject is.

Are you trying to make money online?  Have you made any money online? Do you have a mentor? If not, you really need a mentor. You need to follow someone who is making money.

How do you find the right one? The right mentor for me might not be the right mentor for me. I am not good at engagement on social media, so a mentor who is big on that might not be good for me.

I’ve found a mentor and a program that seem to be a good fit for me. He might be a good fit for you, also. His name is Dean Holland and his program that I now belong to is the Big Commission Blueprint.

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I have one more video for you to watch. It is a webinar explaining the Big Commission Blueprint program and how it works and how easy it is to get to where you can make $10,000 a month. If you don’t see the value in this program when you are finished with the video, you should stop trying to make money online.

You won’t find a better program, and you can still get started for only $19.95. The training is exceptional.

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Start Big Commission Blueprint with a one time payment of $19.95. This gets you the beginning training. You can become a free affiliate and sign people up for BCB. You will only get a commission of $10.00 and no upsells or downsells.

You can join the Affiliate Club for $47.00 a month and get 90% commissions on the beginning sale, the one time offers and 50% on the recurring membership. This alone can make you good money.

You can also become an iPro platinum member for $1997 or an iPro masters member for $4997, where you will benefit from $1000 and $2500 commissions. If I had all of the money I have wasted online, I would start out at the top with the iPro masters program.

You might want to start as a free affiliate, but you will drive the same traffic and no matter which level you are at, it will only take two sales of your level to get your money back.

The entire funnel is set up for you. The only thing you need to do is drive traffic to the landing pages they give you. This is the last product or program you will ever need.